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Green Mt Teachers Camp

Professional development and personal renewal for educators who want to think for themselves!

Whoops! Are you lo​oking for Green Mountain Camp for ​Girls?

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If you're here for Green Mt. Teachers Camp, then, welcome! We've been waiting for you.

Important Things to Know

Getting to Camp

The train station is in Brattleboro, VT, about 6 miles away. 

The closest airport is Hartford, CT (1.5 hours away).  

We can help with transportation if you share your itinerary with us, and arrive by 4pm Sunday afternoon and leave at or after 4pm Friday; a shuttle will be running to and from camp at those times.  Feel free to call before you make your flight plans so we can help you determine the best travel times if you need a ride to the airport.

Where can I get a toothbrush or snacks? 

We have a small camp store and larger stores are a short drive away if you forget anything and transportation can be arranged.

Ok! I'm excited to register! 

Teachers' camp fills up very quickly, we encourage you to register as soon as possible!

Register Here

What camp costs

This camp is an act of love, not a business and we share the costs of labor, stewardship, food and materials. This year, the all inclusive fees are: 

$650 per camper

$300 per child

* Locals who commute each day pay half price

What's Included? 

All meals, lodging and tuition as well as a certificate for 20 hours of in-service training are included in the fee.

A deposit of $200 and the registration form is required to hold your spot.

All payments are due by June 12th - no payments can be accepted at camp this year! 

We have tried our best to keep costs affordable but if this fee presents a real hardship for you, we want to fund small scholarships for those needing help to come. As Tom Hunter always said, "Money should not be the thing that keeps you from coming!" 

Once you register, you will receive a "what to bring to camp" list and other important details that will make your experience the best it can be!

Registration for 2022 opens March 10.