Green Mt Teachers Camp

Professional development and personal renewal for educators who want to think for themselves!


Sun, Aug 2nd at 6:00pm until Fri, Aug 7th 2020 at 1:00pm

Contact: Billie Slade (Coordinator)802-257-1751

[email protected]

565 Green Mt Camp Rd

Dummerston, VT 05301


Dummerston, Vermont 05301

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Thanks for your interest in Green Mt Teachers Camp!

Here at GMTC, we are committed to creating a space and time each summer for anyone who works with children to connect with each other in real ways that will sustain us in the year ahead.

GMTC is a forum for exploring the challenge of sustaining your own voice amid increasing pressure to standardize curriculum, classrooms and children's needs.

It is a place to envision learning environments where finding meaning matters and you can reclaim the energy that comes from being proud to be a teacher!

The common denominator is not necessarily what ages you work with or in which setting (school, child care, camp, social services, etc) but a shared belief that education works best when we get to define our own questions and search for our own answers...kind of like how it works for children! The focus is more on the deeper abstracts of working with children than just the fundamental "how tos" that so many conferences seem full of.

Our mornings are filled with intriguing presentations by creative people who have been chosen because of their ability to engage others in interactive learning that includes reflection time. The afternoons are open to focus groups that cover a wide variety of interests and often are organic and evolve as the week goes on.

Presenters are also participants and learn right along side us as we engage in focus groups that can be initiated or led by anyone who has a passion for or interest in a topic, issue, or idea!

At GMTC, participants are acknowledged for their courage and energy, and invited to take risks, to collaborate in creative efforts, to enrich their own sense of self.

If you …

…believe that one of the most important resources people bring to their work is their own vitality…

…want to experience a learning environment in which you have time to wonder and find your own meaning in what is presented…

…are frustrated by requirements that make it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of individuals in your classroom, including yourself…

…would like to develop ongoing relationships with colleagues who will energize your teaching, with support and resources throughout the year…

…want an event that weaves art and music throughout with no experience required and where being a participant or spectator are equally valid…

…dream about staff development that makes you proud to do the work you do…

…have been teaching for a while or are just starting out and want to have a wonderful time in a beautiful setting in the woods in southern Vermont with teachers from all over the country who work in early childhood programs to high school and beyond…

…then we invite you to join us at the 2020 Green Mt Teachers Camp, a unique event of personal renewal and professional development that will make you very glad you came!


For more information, please contact Billie Slade @802-257-1751

Or email at [email protected] or like us on Facebook at Green Mountain Teachers Camp.