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Green Mt Teachers Camp

Professional development and personal renewal for educators who want to think for themselves!

Several of you have shared ideas as to what you think this gathering might be...

" A forum for talking about what really matters in education"...

"A time to connect with others in meaningful ways by sharing our joys and challenges, our stories" ...

"A chance to relax and renew in a peaceful setting with kindred spirits"...

"A place to play, to sing, to be curious, to wonder, to laugh and get in touch with the kid in me again"...

It is my hope that all this may happen and more. It will be up to us...

This years group of educators includes teachers, musicians, authors, artists, and leaders of all sorts who work with all ages and come from all over!

Their leadership will set the tone for rich and lively conversations. 

Green Mt Teachers Camp 2020 Staff Bios and Questions they are wondering about…

We are very excited to have an amazing line up of creative and exceptional presenters with us, as well as a strong support staff to back them up! Since GMTC is a place to wonder about things that matter to us, we asked each of our presenters what they have been wondering about lately!

GMTC is proud to announce our staff for 2020!  Remember, each of the participants  is invited to propose and/or  facilitate focus groups in the afternoon on any topic your are curious or passionate about and staff are happy to help if you just ask!

Jeanine Fitzgerald (MA) Back by popular demand, Jeanine will be sharing her current work on honoring children of all ages and will build on her presentation she shared last year. She is an internationally known speaker who focuses on honoring children and authentic interactions that change lives.

Jeanine lives by enduring values that give her life meaning and direction. She is known to be altruistic, conscientious, and responsible, with a strong work ethic. Her commitment to doing what is right and fair, and her work ethic have combined to create a reputation as credible and trustworthy.

For Jeanine, her work is a calling and her family brings her greatest joy. Her sense of humor has served her well. personally and professionally. She lives a rich and rewarding life, and is grateful for all its opportunities and challenges. She is at peace with her past. comfortable in the present and hopeful about the future.

A question Jeanine has been wondering about is...

" “I wonder .... if human systems move in the direction of the images we hold of the future and the images of the future are informed by the conversations we have and the stories we tell, and conversations and stories are informed by the questions we ask, then what questions must we ask to cultivate a better future?”

Jeremiah Burrow is a native Californian who found his way to Vermont through Marlboro College where he studied Russian Literature. He has a Masters in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Education from Union Institute and University. Jeremiah has worked in secondary education with “at risk” populations since 2004. He is passionate about kayaking, carving spoons, and circle practices. Jeremiah has been training in the Way of Council since 2012 with the Ojai Foundation, the School of Lost Borders, and the New England Council Collective.

Jeremiah is a husband, father, and teacher living in Southern Vermont. He is passionate about kayaking, carving spoons, Russian literature, and circle practices.

A question Jeremiah has been wondering about is "How do I remain awake and vigilant to the lessons that every encounter brings?"

Vicky Senni is the director of a nature-based early childhood center in Montpelier, VT. She has been working on campaigns to support early childhood education for the last 8 years, and continues to organize around issues of justice in early childhood. She seeks to connect these struggles with those that are ever present in history and now; related to gender, race and class. Previously, Vicky taught science and nutrition through the vehicles of farming and cooking with children and grown-ups of all ages.

Vicky is wondering about "How, in our work as educators, can we centralize the experiences of working people, women, and people of color in order to teach against exploitation and build an equitable world for all? How do we help young children to see everyone’s humanity as connected to their own lives? Vicky is wondering how we will arrive at a place where educators are, ourselves, dedicated to the work of freedom. What will it take?"

Morgan Leichter-Saxby is a playworker and writer interested in collaboratively supporting radical, gentle and holistic change. Trained in the UK, Morgan has facilitated workshops to improve physical and social environments for play around the world.

This has often been as part of the organization Pop-Up Adventure Play. Morgan lives in Vermont, and is very slowly finishing a PhD.

Morgan is wondering: " How might reflection and kindness relate?"

Focus Groups are organic in nature and may evolve as the week goes on so be open to sharing ideas about conversations you may want to have with other people about things that intrigue or matter to you! Focus Groups proposed already include Children and Risk-Why they Need It!, Our bodies are not our masterpieces-Our lives are, Intrinsic Bias, Ukuleles and African drums, developing leaders and passing the torch, theater games, several art and music based ones , along with writing are also in the works! Bring your ideas and curiosity and watch your interests come to life! (Hikes to the waterfall, swimming under the covered bridge and trips to get maple creamees are givens!) :)

This event is largely up to you and what you bring to it-we invite each of you to share your expertise, curiosity and wonder with the rest of us!

We are pleased to announce that Laura Perry returns as our beloved cook and other staff will include an Art instigator, Music Instigator and Nature exploration instigators. Jeanine Fitzgerald, Vicky Senni, Billie Slade and Cathy Martin have been busy behind the scenes as coordinators. If there is a demand for it, we will also be offering a  limited children’s program  with trusted GMC staff  during the morning presentations. (Call with questions about our child care options 802-257-1751)

So looking forward to “keeping it going” by creating a new event together that builds on a solid foundation of what came before, every year it's own creation, depending on who comes to collaborate!