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Looking for Green Mountain Camp for Girls?


Green Mountain Teacher's Camp​

Professional development and personal renewal for​ educato​rs who want to think for themselves!

GMTC 2023 will begin on SATURDAY JUNE 17 and end on THURSDAY JUNE 22

Green Mountain Teacher's Camp is an annual event located in rural Southern, Vermont. Cabins are scattered throughout the camp, with larger outbuildings for performances and gatherings. A rustic dining hall provides the backdrop for communal meal times, while the art barn beckons creativity and inspiration. Campers travel through the campus using weathered footpaths that intertwine with a small stream. If you look closely enough, you are sure to spot a fairy house or two.  

Please note: We will be following all COVID19 guidance for the state of Vermont 

All attendees are required to be completely vaccinated. 

2023 Teacher's Camp Registration will be available soon!

"You never know when you're making a memory"