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Green Mt Teachers Camp

Professional development and personal renewal for educators who want to think for themselves!

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If you're here for Green Mt. Teachers Camp, then, welcome! We've been waiting for you.

How did "teachers camp" end up here? I (Billie) grew up at this camp and its always been my favorite place on earth! Now that I have come back here to live as the director of the camp, it feels like coming home in every sense of the word. The one other place I had ever felt that sense of being accepted and challenged, where curiosity was so valued was at Northwest Teachers Camp (NWTC) located near Seattle, WA. NWTC was transformative for me, changing me as a teacher and as a human being, for the better!

Founded in 1996 by Tom Hunter  & Richard Scholtz, NWTC was a unique event that made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of teachers and children. When Tom died in 2008, he left behind a legacy of powerful songs & stories along with a simple request to "keep it going" ! For me, being able to gather old friends and new in this magical place, open to every possibility, feels like a good way to "keep it going", on so many levels!

Inspired by NWTC, but in our 10th year here in our own right, Green Mountain Teacher's Camp follows that format with dynamic presenters each morning who challenge us to look at the world in different ways. The afternoons will have participant led workshops (focus groups) and time built in for reflection, creating art, writing, hiking, napping, laughing and long conversations about things that really matter! Evenings will have all camp gatherings with music, camp fires, games, story telling and so much more!

Billie Slade, our fearless leader.